A] The applicant shall have to pay the Full Payment and strictly according to the respective LUCKY BAG SCHEME.

B] The intending applicant shall have to make the full payment of advance receive product’s dues value positively within 30 days from the date of receive product & until and unless the time is extended by the Company under special circumstances.

C] Application in the prescribed form as contained in the brochure is subject to the general Terms & Conditions stated herein and shall be treated as a part and parcel of the formal Agreement if necessary.

D] Correspondence will be made with the Applicant(s) at the address given for correspondence in the Application form of Holy Gold & Jewellery Pvt. Ltd, for LUCKY BAG SCHEME.

E] The applicant(S) shall sign and execute all the documents in the standard form etc. as may be provided by Holy Gold & Jewellery Pvt. Ltd. as and when required for LUCKY BAG SCHEME.

F] The applicant(s) shall have to comply with all Terms & Conditions of the Company.

G] Disputes, if any, shall be referred to the Arbitrators and the decision of the Arbitrator/Arbitrators shall be final and binding upon the parties/customer(s)/ beneficiary hereto in accordance with the provisions of Arbitration & Conciliation Act, 1996.

H] The Company reserves the right to accept, adjoining or reject any application without assigning any reason whatsoever.

I] The Company also reserves the right to modify/alter/amend the Terms and Conditions contained herein either in whole or in part at its sole discretion without assigning any reason whatsoever Free Gift/Product-reduce or adjoining etc. for LUCKY BAG SCHEME.

J] The buying product as “LUCKY BAG SCHEME” not to be taken back by the Company (HGJPL) & not to be sell/hire by the group member(s) OR Individual till the due amount shall clear and NOC[No Objection Certificate] will taken from the Company(HGJPL).

K] Joining for the LUCKY BAG value worth starting from Rs.1, 100/-, Rs._________, the amount treated as the MEMBERSHIP & like a valuable RETAILER. You may start the Refferel Business to be joining a/more INTRODUCER on behalf of the Organisation.

L] The GOLD/SILVER made Jewellery price will be changed as per GOLD MARKET.

M] Introducer//Retailer//Distributor//Membership commission have to be change or reduce as on depend or deside by the Organisation. Have no obligation by the Company Members’.

N] All disputes are subject to SILIGURI/KOLKATA Jurisdiction.

I Accept The Terms and Condition.